“The colors of Northwest Argentina”. By Ossian Lindholm

The Northwest of Argentina is a very particular region, where the Andes Mountains have had a profound influence on the landscapes and culture. Geologically, Andean folding is responsible for the intense layers of colors seen in the mountains here. Wind and water erosion over the millennia carved surprising forms that amaze everyone traveling their path.

The valleys that exist in the Andes, gave rise to distinct indigenous cultures that blended with the early Spanish conquistadores and later other immigrant cultures. As a result, this Northwest region is today the most culturally rich and diverse in all of Argentina.
The geologically fascinating and colorful landscapes, combined with distinct cultures, makes Northwest Argentina very attractive to photographers from all over the world.

Purmamarca town and “Cerro de los 7 colores” – Seven colors mountain. Jujuy
Lumix GX8  45-200 with Vario Lens  f/9  1/160  ISO200 @90mm 
Since I was a teenager, I traveled with my camera throughout this region of the Andes, and I never ceased to be amazed by a colored mountain, a salt flat, at dawn, dusk or durring a starry night.
Salinas Grandes salt flat, Salta and Jujuy province.
Some photographers pack the camera after sunset, but I love to keep taking photos. 

Nikon D4s Sigma24mm   f/8 1/15  ISO100 @24mm 

A unique destination for photo journeys

After traveling to several countries and visiting their most famous photographic places, I can confidently say that Northwest Argentina is one of the great photographic destinations of the world. Not only is this where I grew up, live and work teaching photography classes, but there are several reasons to support my conviction:
Spectacular landscapes without the crowds: you can find beautiful landscapes in many places around the world, but being alone without the crowds of tourists and other photographers, makes a Northwest Argentina photography experience very special and unique.
Enjoy an incredible variety of landscapes: In a matter of hours you can drive from a jungle to a desert, from a cluster of ancient villages to a vast Salt Flat, from a the bustling colonial city of Salta to Cafayate with the highest vineyards in the world.
Every season is perfect for photography: Even though I have my favorite moments of the year to do photo tours in Northwest Argentina (the months that we do our “Argentina Vision & Vine” trip), it is possible to visit the Northwest at any time of year without any kind of weather limitation. This is because the climate is mild and very stable all year long. The chance of rainy days in most places we visit is very unlikely.
Expectations vs reality: How many times have we visited a place, attracted by the incredible photos of a website or brochure, only to realize, after we arrive that these photographs were taken in another season, at a rare moment that will unlikely be repeated or because of the hard work of a photographer who invested days, maybe weeks of his time to capture the “perfect” shot. This is something very important to consider when you decide to visit and invest in any landscape photography trip.
Luckily, this is not going to happen when you visit Northwest Argentina where you always have the chance to take the “perfect shot.”  All the photos you see in this newsletter can be taken by any traveler, during any month of the year, as long as you are in correct the place at the right time, which is what I, as your photo guide and local expert, will make sure happens when you travel with me on our Vision and Vine photo tour.
Angastaco, Salta.
Nikon D300 70-200mm   f/4.5  1/250 sec  ISO400 @200mm 
Cachi, a fertile valley in the middle of the desert. 
Nikon D7100  with 70-200    f/10  1/160  ISO400 @100mm 
Quebrada del Toro, Salta
Lumix GX8 with Vario Lens 7-14mm 24mm   f/16  1/60  ISO200 @14mm 
Exceptional Night photography
The night skies in the Andes, that combine pure air, with low humidity and lack of light pollution, are exceptional to practice astrophotography and achieve stunning nighttime photos.
The Milky way in “Reserva provincial Quebrada de las Conchas”, Cafayate, Salta
Lumix GX8 with Vario Lens 7-14mm 24mm   f/4  20sec  ISO3200 @14mm 
Malbec vignard. Cafayate, Salta.
Lumix GX8  Vario lens 7-14 mm  f/11  1/50  ISO400 @15mm 
The Northwest of Argentina is a producer of “High Altitude Wines,” – wines whose vineyards grow at more than 1,500 meters or 4,900 feet.  Some of the best Malbecs of Argentina come from here. But what really makes this region different when talking about wines is the Torrontes, a unique fresh, fruity white. On our Vision and Vine tour, we spend three days in this very special wine region with it incredible landscapes.

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Vistas and vines make a perfect pairing in Calchaqui Valley – Argentina’s “other” wine country . By Mark Johanson, Chicago Tribune, USA.
A photogenic journey through Argentina’s Calchaqui Valley. By Tamara Elliot, Globeguide, Canada.

Join me next to a 9 days fantastic Argentina Northwest experience. Price: $ 4,500
Argentina Vision & Vine  Photo Tour by Travel Vision Journeys. 

The name of this photo tour was an inspiration of Lauren Hefferon.  It perfectly represents the travel experience in Argentina Northwest: amazing photo opportunities with the tasting of extraordinary wines.

“Imagine signing up for a photography class in a part of the world you have never been, but always wanted to explore. I was expecting to learn how to use my new camera and satisfy my curiosity about the flora and fauna and culture of Argentina. I knew the Travel Vision Journeys attention to every detail trademark would define the trip, BUT I got something bigger that I did not expect: a whole new way to see and BE in the natural world. I had no idea that a Vision and Vine Tour would touch me so deeply. I am forever grateful”

Carolyn McQueen. 

National Park Los Cardones, Salta. “Cardones” is the name that in this region is given to the giant cactus.

Sunset in Salinas Grandes, Jujuy.

“La Cuesta del Obispo”, Salta.

Quebrada de las Flechas, Calchaqui Valley, Salta.

I was born in this region, the place I love the most in the world. I feel completely at ease in their cities and outdoors. I enjoy the local cuisine and its magnificent high altitud wines. Here, as a teenager, I took my first nature photographies, however, decades later I still delight every time I walk its paths or drive its routes.

Photo by Lauren Hefferon

Ossian Lindholm

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