The pairing of visual communication and conservation

We believe that visual communication, whether it is photography or film, has a special and unique responsibility and opportunity to truly engage and change our world

Travesias Fotograficas (Photographic Journeys) is a weekly TV series created, written, filmed, produced and beautifully narrated by Ossian Lindholm to showcase and teach the world about the special places, the natural beauty and fascinating culture of Argentina and South America.

His maxim–Para Conservar, primero hay que conocer, (to conserve, first you much know)—is an important concept for those of us who wish to make a difference with our images. We can improve our artistry and the power of its impact if we have a better understanding of our subject.

In each carefully crafted and artfully filmed Travesias episode, Ossian inspires his audience while raising their consciousness about the preservation of the precious nature and sacred places of South America. In these regional portraits of special places, Ossian shares the stories of nonprofits who are working hard to protect birds, animals and environments from all over South America. His Travesias tell the stories of

The crown eagle in Tucuman
The tapir project in Tucuman
Giant anteater reintroduction in Ibera
Jaguar reproduction in Ibera
Flamingo conservation in the Puna
Sustainable tourism in Ibera.
The Jaguar and conservation tourism in Pantanal
The pampas deer in Ibera
An expedition on the Rio Bermejo showcasing the species there
We proudly support Travesias Fotograficas a documentary series that showcases the wildlife, and the natural and cultural beauty of the areas we visit on our tours as well promotes the conservation projects and eco-tourism efforts of the communities that live there.

The following are a few Travesias Fotograficas documentaries in the areas where we operate our tours.

The Pantanal

The Northwest

The Northeast


Documentary filmmaking is a labor of love paired with a strong desire to make a difference in the world. We welcome your generosity in helping support Ossian’s Travesias mission. Would you be interested in sponsoring a Travesias documentary? Email me: for more information