Ossian Lindholm

Nature Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker and Travel Vision Director of South American Operations

Ossian Lindholm is a renowned nature photographer from Tucuman, Argentina.  Trained as an Agronomist, many years ago he turned his deep passion for nature to photography.  In his work as a photographer, teacher and documentary filmmaker, he is dedicated to capturing, preserving, conserving, sharing and sustaining the landscape, nature and culture of Argentina in its most pristine state.

Ossian has published five books, 14 calendars and he teaches photography courses throughout the year.  Since 1998 he has been leading groups of photographers and naturalists on photographic journeys throughout his native Argentina.

For the past four years has been the host of a very popular weekly nature TV documentary called Travesia Fotograficas. In each show He hopes to educate and inspire people to love, protect and keep sacred the places where they live using use images, words and music to touch peoples’ emotional core.