To purchase: We recommend HUNTS Camera photo/video, the best and most knowledgeable and reliable online source for all your camera needs.


To rent: Want to try out equipment before you buy? You can also rent cameras, lenses and other equipment from




  • Camera bag: the Think Tank Airport line is great for traveling. Here is one that can hold your laptop, camera and all that you need and more: TAMRAC ANVIL SLIM. Or invest in a smaller bag, like the Lowepro Slingshot.
  • One or two camera bodies (it’s best to have a back up just in case)

We like—and Lauren Hefferon uses exclusively—the Panasonic LUMIX line, which is half the price and weight of a full-frame DSLR.

  • Lenses*:

Super-wide zoom 7-14, 10-20  mm APS-C or 14-24 mm full frame (Landscape)

Standard zoom 12-60 or 17-55 mm  APS-C or 24-70 mm full frame (Landscape/Portrait)

Telephoto zoom 45-200 or  80 – 200 mm (Landscape/Portrait)

Super telephoto zoom 150 – 500 mm (Wildlife)


  • Polarizing filter for each lens to get the best blues in your sky
  • Inside pockets: 16 GB memory cards (2), lens brush, cleaning cloth, camera manual, sunglasses, other glasses, sharpie marker, leatherman tool (carried in checked bag until destination), extra camera battery, charger, adapter for country destination, flashlight, water bottle, zip-lock bags, extra luggage tag
  • External hard drive
  • Computer and charger
  • Travel tripod (optional)
  • Flash card reader


(*) Take this as a suggested list in case you want to have a complete range of focal length lens.

Or just be ready to see and snap, and bring a good quality, compact camera!